The inevitable but unfortunate news is that the MS Amlin World Triathlon Bermuda has been postponed.

The Executive Board of the International Triathlon Union (ITU) has today suspended all World Triathlon activities through April 30, which includes MS Amlin World Triathlon Bermuda, scheduled for April 18. Click here for details of today's announcement from the TriBermuda.com website.

We understand and support this decision to promote a safe environment for you our valued volunteers and for all athletes, officials and spectators amid the rapid spread of COVID-19. While Bermuda has no confirmed cases of the virus to date, we and other sporting bodies here are collaborating with public health efforts to protect the island.

As a volunteer you may be disappointed at this news, having looked forward to helping with this amazing event. For that reason, we are working closely with the ITU for future dates that would allow the MS Amlin World Triathlon Bermuda to take place later this year.

In the meantime, we will keep your volunteer position/s confirmed and in the registration system. You are not required to take any action. We will be in touch again when we know more. If you have additional questions or concerns, please reply by email to volunteer@tribermuda.com

Thank you for allowing us time to coordinate with our partners to facilitate the next steps. General updates are available here on our website and on our social media channels. 

This is a rapidly evolving situation: Please remember to stay informed with the Bermuda government’s public health messaging at: gov.bm/coronavirus

On a personal note, we wish to thank you for your continued support of the MS Amlin World Triathlon Bermuda and encourage you to do all that it takes to stay healthy.