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If you have any questions that are not answered within these FAQ's, or for more information, please email info@tribermuda.com.

More information on travel and accomodation, you will find here.


  • How many volunteers are needed for World Triathlon Bermuda?

    The Local Organising Committee for WTS BDA is looking to recruit more than 500 people to volunteer in various areas of service, including but not limited to: Airport and Hotel welcome desks, registration & race kit pick-up, corporate hospitality, information booth, crew catering, signage and barrier set up, event space set up, media centre, athlete’s lounge, aid stations, marshals and course guides, medal ceremonies and more.

    Get involved and register your interest online at www.tribermuda.com/volunteer. Volunteering is a rewarding experience where you’ll meet new friends, experience a global sporting event from within and be part of Bermuda’s success on the ITU World Triathlon Series circuit. Whatever your role, as part of the WTS Bermuda family you’re supporting the athletes and Bermuda’s own reigning World Champion Flora Duffy.

General and Entry Topics

  • What is triathlon?

    A triathlon is a multi-disciplined sporting event in which each competitor starts with a swim, then cycles and then runs. Between each discipline, the competitor returns to the transition area, where the bike is racked during the swim and the run, and changes over from swim to bike and from bike to run. This open event has one transition area in the parking lot between Victoria Street and Church Street.

  • How can I enter?

    Entry is now open for all races across the weekend. Enter online here.

  • In which distances can I participate?

    We are offering the following distances as individual and relay.

    • Standard Distance = 1500m swim; 40km bike; 10km run
    • Sprint Distance = 750m swim; 20km bike; 5km run
  • What is the minimum age?

    The ITU World Triathlon Bermuda s is open to the following ages:

    • Standard Distance - Ages 18 and over
    • Sprint Distance - Ages 16 and over
  • How does the relay work?

    Relay teams will compete over either the Standard distance or the Sprint distance. There can be two or three people competing as a team under one race number. One team member will swim the 1500m or 750m swim course, one team member will cycle the 40km or 20km bike course, and the third team member will run the 10km or 5km run course. If there are two in a team, one person can do two disciplines. All team members have access to the transition areas. There is one timing chip worn by the swimmer first (on the ankle), then handed to the cyclist at the racked bike in Transition 1, where the timing chip is placed around the cyclist’s left ankle. During the cycle, the runner waits in Transition 2 by the empty racking position, and when the cyclist arrives and racks the bike, the timing chip is placed around the ankle of the runner before she/he starts the run.

  • How can I update my personal details on my entry?

    Login to your myevents.active.com page and select ‘Edit registration information’ and follow the instructions there.

  • Where can I buy merchandise from the event?

    We will have a small merchandise range for sale on-site.

    Details will follow.

  • What is planned as side events?

    We will have multiple days of activities and festivities going on in Bermuda - the BERMUDA TRIATHLON FESTIVAL week is waiting for you!

    Besides the races we will offer e.g. a kids race and a 5k run - more details will follow soon.

  • I wish to start with my friends. What can I do?

    Waves will be organised in age group categories and therefore unfortunately cannot be changed.

  • I want to start with my colleagues. Will you offer a Corporate Challenge?

    We will offer a Corporate Challenge where you can race against other companies and raise your chance to win the overall ranking within the Corporate Rankings.

    Besides that, we are offering a hospitality area.

    More details to follow soon.

  • What’s the local deal where I can register for free?

    A special promotion is available for local athletes to participate inthe WTS Bermuda Age Group event for FREE, when they invite an overseas friend to register for the race. The offer expires December 31st and all details are available here

  • Do I need to be a member of my Country or National Triathlon Association to compete?

    No, you do not need to be a member of any association to participate, we ask this question as part of the registration process for our records.

Rules and Regulations Topics

  • What are the most important rules that must be followed?

    Some of the most important rules relate to the cycle section and transition. For example:

    • Your cycle helmet must be on your head and fastened whenever you are in contact with your bike. So don’t take the bike off the rack until your helmet is on and done up, and don’t unfasten your helmet until your bike is back on the rack after your cycle section.
    • You must rack your bike in the correct allotted space in transition.
    • You must not mark your position in the transition in any way.
    • You must not use headphones or a mobile phone either in transition or at any time during the race.
    • No drafting on the bike course - which means not cycling too close to the bike in front.
    • Your race number should be worn on your front for the run. This is most easily achieved using a number belt, which you have to provide yourself.
  • Am I allowed to wear a wetsuit in WTS Bermuda events?

    Wetsuits are allowed in water temperatures of 22 degrees or colder Celsius for Age group athletes. The Technical officials will determine one hour prior to race start if wetsuits are allowed based on race day conditions. We don’t think you’ll need one in Bermuda. Trisuits are allowed.

Accommodation and Arrival Topics

Race Day Topics

  • Are the roads on the course map completely closed or partially closed during the event?

    Specific details of road closures will be announced and sign-posted well in advance of the event. Detailed road closure maps will be available to the public from January with specific road closure maps, traffic diversions and closure times. Traffic will be redirected within the City of Hamilton and organisers have worked with the City of Hamilton, to stagger closure times for the least impact to motorists.

    • Car Park No 1 will be closed for a week from Tues morning, April 24th to Monday evening, April 30th.
    • Car Park No 5 will be closed for the weekend, from Thursday morning, April 26th to Sunday night, April 29th.
    • City Hall car park will be closed Friday morning, April 27th to Sunday afternoon, April 29th.
    • Front Street will be closed from Queen Street to Parliament Street for Bermuda Triathlon Festival Weekend activities on Thursday night, April 26th and Friday night, April 27th, and all day Saturday for the racing.
    • Queen Street will be closed all day Saturday April 28th.
    • The bike course, in yellow on each course map, will have the road closed all day Saturday April 28th, with the area of closures reducing significantly after midday, to the Elite Course route. Front St, Crow Lane, Corkscrew Hill and Reid Street will be closed all day Saturday April 28th.
    • The section of Hamilton Harbour used for the swim entry and exit will be closed to all marine traffic from Thursday morning, April 26th to midday on Monday April 30th. The area used for the swim course will be closed to marine traffic all day Friday April 27th and Saturday April 28th and will be clearly marked by buoys.