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I’ve never done a triathlon - can I sign up?
Yes, you can sign up for the Citizens’ Race, which is open to all.

When and where will the event take place?
November 5/6, in Hamilton, Bermuda.

What are the race categories, and how much are they to enter?

  • Elite World Championship Series event on Super-sprint (qualifiers, repechage, finals)
  • Junior (U19) World Championships on Sprint distance - Age-Group World Championships on Sprint distance
  • Elite Mixed Relay World Championships on Super-sprint distance
  • Junior/U23 Mixed Relay World Championships
  • Age-Group Mixed Relay World Championships on Super-sprint distance
  • Citizen's Race on Sprint distance

What are the distances for the Citizens Race?

750m swim / 20 km bike / 5 km run

Where can I sign up?
You can sign up for the Citizens Race HERE.

Does a relay team have to be mixed? How many people in the team? Is it open to amateurs?

There are 2 possible relays for Age Groupers and they are quite different to each other:

(1) the AG Mixed Team Relay World Championship is not an open race and teams are registered by their National Federation.  Teams must be mixed (2 men, 2 women) and each member of the team completes a full Super-sprint distance triathlon.

(2) For the Citizens’ Race, participants can also enter as teams but they will each complete one segment of the triathlon (swim, bike or run) between them. 

Is there an option to enter the race as part of a team?
Yes! The Citizens’ Race can be completed as an individual or as a team relay of either 2 or 3 athletes. The team relay allows each participant to complete the discipline they are most comfortable with.

Can a team entry consist of 2 participants and not just 3?
Yes! A team in the Citizens’ Race can have 2 participants where one person completes 2 legs of the event or include 3 participants with each team member carrying out 1 discipline each.

What is the age eligibility for each distance?

The minimum age for all adult races in the schedule is 16 years old (as at December 31, 2021).

Can my children sign up?
Yes, if between 7-15 they can sign up for the Kids Duathlon, which is a free event, taking place on Thursday, October 14, 2021.

What do I get as part of my entry?
Race pack with information and free gifts (to be confirmed), including vouchers for local restaurants.

Will spectators be allowed, can my family/friends watch me race?
Spectators will be allowed if permitted under Bermuda government restrictions applicable in October 2021. It is not possible to predict those restrictions at this time.

Will there be on-site vendors?
Yes, if permitted by Bermuda government Covid-19 regulations in force at the time.

Will there be a Sport Expo?
There will be opportunities to purchase event merchandise but there will not be a wider expo of sports products. Equipment for use in the event should be purchased before arrival in Bermuda.

Are there Partner Packages Available?
Accommodation and travel packages are offered through our travel partner, Nirvana. Bike transport packages are offered through our partner, TriBike Transport.

Will there be a medal ceremony?
There will be multiple scenarios developed surrounding medal ceremonies. There is the possibility of an in-person medal ceremony with an adapted protocol to maintain athlete safety that may or may not allow spectators. If this is not possible, there will be a virtual substitution and medal distribution plan. Full details will be available in the Athlete Guide closer to the event. 

Is there a possibility that this event will be postponed to 2022?
No, the event will take place in 2021.

Will my fees reflect the changes in the program?
Fees are kept as low as possible. Changes to the program are unlikely to reduce the cost of staging the event and Covid-19 protocols make the event generally more costly to organise.

How will racecourse logistics integrate COVID protocols and safety?
The event is being organised to allow for sanitation and social distancing to be maintained at all times.   

Will training facilities be available?
Yes, swimming pool sessions will be available to all participants. Cycling, running and open water swimming will be possible across the island at participants’ own risk.

What will the policy be regarding masks?
Masks are likely to be required in accordance with Covid-19 protocols, but participants will not need masks when racing or training outside.

Will I need to quarantine?  What testing do I need to be aware of?
We will be following Bermuda Government health guidelines in place at the time of the event. For up-to-date information, please follow this link: https://www.gov.bm/coronavirus

Will briefings be virtual?
Yes, all athlete briefings will be virtual.


Do I need to sign an event disclaimer?
All participants will be required to sign a waiver before competing in any race in the event.

What to do when checking in my bike?
You will be allocated a specified time in which to check in and rack your bike in transition. At the allotted time, you will need to take your bike to the transition area and have it checked over at the check in area before racking it at the rack marked with your race number.

Will there be start waves, and how will these be determined?
Yes. Start waves in the Age Group World Championships (both Individual and Relay) will be allocated according to age groups. Start waves for the Citizens’ Race may be allocated in a different way (tbc). Race starts for the AG races are likely to use a rolling start.

Can I start in another start wave?
No, you must start in the wave allocated to you at the designated start time. You will not be allowed to start in any other wave; if you do, this could lead to disqualification. 

I have entered as an individual along with my friends/family, why are we in different start groups?
Start waves are allocated according to age groups only (eg Male 40-44, Female 35-39). It may be possible to start with friends/family in the Citizens’ Race, depending on how start waves are finally allocated.

Drafting, when will this be allowed, and when not?
Drafting will be confirmed shortly.

Why do the Cycle and Run courses consist of laps?
Laps make for a more exciting race for participants and spectators, allow the event to use a smaller footprint and place less strain on the emergency services.

Is there a cut off time?
There are likely to be cut-off times imposed to allow time for all races to be completed in the tight 3-day schedule. These cut off times will be sufficiently generous for almost all participants to finish.

Will the age groupers receive splits for the separate legs swim/bike/run?

Will there be hydration on course?
Yes. Our team of volunteers will be handing out water and energy drinks at aid stations on the run courses, compliant with current Covid-19 protocols.

Do I need a wetsuit?
You are very unlikely to need a wetsuit. Water temperatures in October are around 25-26C (77-79F).

What kind of bikes can be used for the race?
Road (racing) bikes and Time Trial (TT) bikes are permitted for the Age Group World Championship races and Citizens’ Race. Mountain bikes and hybrid bikes are not permitted.

Can I rent a bike?
Bike rental will be available, but this will be limited. Participants are encouraged to bring their own bikes. For more information about shipping your bike to Bermuda (or renting), please follow this link: https://bermuda.triathlon.org/travel/bike_rental_and_shipping

What do I get if I win?
Prizes will be given for Age Group World Championship winners and for winners in the Citizens’ Race.


Will there be an Age Group race if COVID is still prominent?
If it is possible for visitors to travel unrestricted to Bermuda and participate safely, then the Age Group races will go ahead. It is not yet possible to guarantee that this will happen.

When do I have to register with my National Federation (NF) and when is payment due?
Registration is done according to each NF’s own policy and race registration is through each NF. Registration must be made by each NF not later than 60 days before the event (i.e., August. 2021).

Should I be booking my flight and hotel?
Flights and accommodation are limited, so it is advisable to book these early. However, in the current pandemic it is not possible to guarantee that the event will not be cancelled. Travellers should check the cancellation and refund policies of their airline/accommodation provider before booking, as well as the terms of their travel insurance. The event organisers cannot accept responsibility for travel or accommodation costs lost because of cancellation of the event.


If spectators aren’t allowed, how can I watch the elite race?
The Elite races will be broadcast on TV in Bermuda and around the world and streamed online.

What is a ‘bubble’ scenario and what would this entail?
The bubble scenario will occur if Covid-19 restrictions prevent us from staging the Age Group events. The elite events will go ahead with “bubbles” created for the athletes, officials and event staff.

Will there still be Opening and Closing Ceremony and Athletes Dinner?
At present, these events are scheduled to be virtual, but this may change before October. Vouchers for local restaurants will be given to participants in place of the Athletes Dinner.


I have some lost property - what do I do?
The event organisers will run a Lost and Found service where participants can go to find property lost at the event. This will be located at the Age Group athlete recovery area.


When will registration open for Community Events?
Local community event registration will be much nearer the time, opening around August 2021.

How will these events integrate COVID protocols and safety?
The events will only take place if they can operate satisfactorily within the current Covid-19 regulations applicable at the time.

Will the public have access to restrooms?
Yes, there will be restrooms and portable toilets available for public use.