7 reasons why Bermuda - Plan your Triathlon Journey to Bermuda!

08 June, 2017

7 reasons why Bermuda - Plan your Triathlon Journey to Bermuda!

Start your season with a swim in crystal clear water, a challenging bike course and a beautiful run on front street in the City of Hamilton - The Island of Bermuda host for the first time the World Triathlon Series and will welcome Triathletes and Spectators from all over the world to a multi day Triathlon.

We have seven reasons, why you have to kick off your triathlon season in Bermuda:

  1. The Island where World Champions are born - the current World Champion Flora Duffy is born on the island
  2. Pleasant Journey - you have direct flight connection from the US, Canada and UK to Bermuda 
  3. More than Triathlon - you’ll find a mid-Atlantic island packed with a rare combination of experiences
  4. Taste the national drink of Bermuda - Enjoy a  dark’n’stormy on pink sand beaches
  5. Enjoy your holidays - bring your family and friends and experience an adventure of sport, culture and natural wonders 
  6. Perfect weather conditions - from April to September you will find the perfect training conditions for triathletes on the island
  7. Swim in Crystal clear water -  with a 100% certainty you will need no wetsuit in April to swim in the mid-Atlantic

Enter now for the ITU World Triathlon Bermuda.